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    Vuong Han is finally back! Lanning Xiaoxi stood at the door carefully looking at the room door that said Do Not Disturb, she honestly stayed at Pha Can Liet Academy, she did the same as she did, but Vuong Han didn't say When would she come back, later Then she began to increase her computing power day and night. It turned out that after Vuong Han finished calling each other, it turned out that a full three years had passed! After a full three years, she could have graduated directly from Pha Can Liet University, but waiting for Vuong Han to return, she had no choice but to directly extend her tuition... Now she finally looked. saw the room at the door with Do Not Disturb written on it. The door opened and suddenly had the illusion of standing at the door of the operating room looking at the door of the operating room.

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    Then I'll go with you, I have nothing to do anyway. Dai'er said so, although the two quarreled, they did not have a deep hatred, and Dai'er felt that walking around behind Vuong Han was also a good idea, also a very good thing. It's fun, especially since she has nothing to do here, and she's free. It's better to find a tour guide to take her around, and it's free.

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    “Um… no need to rush.” Vuong Han was sure, left the wall he was leaning against, glanced at the body of the black cat that had been dead for countless years, then stuffed the cigarette butt into the gap. above his coconut shell, "After exploring all the ancient ruins, I will check the situation again, I am not in a hurry, even if this time I can really pick up some things that can can be used in the ruins, then I can give up this dangerous move, right if you've never seen these."

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    “Huh!” Vuong Han panted violently, finally killing the mouse, but before he could think of what to do next, his eyes were blurred, waiting for the next one, he instantly regained his clarity. detect. that his perspective changed instantly. The original normal perspective was gone, and what was waiting for him was an incomplete perspective, along with various low gray visions around him. The bushes made his body tremble, and when he got up from the ground again, he saw a very strange situation!

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    This is just like mathematics or genetics, the essence is to find rules. For simple things, it is easier to find rules to reason, but once there are too many things, it will be impossible to calculate. in a short time. The existence of supercomputers and other support tools in calculation and reasoning, that is, to analyze the logic therein, places it in the core thinking light sphere that Wang Han needs to understand now, the The bodies of the color blocks will not have similarities. corresponding effect, and must be To consider it as a whole, infer the changes between the color blocks and the color blocks in general.

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    Alright! I'm even more depressed. Dai'er sighed heavily, "I feel so small for no reason."

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    don't know, but now I'm even more curious about where the little long lights went. This little long lamp is really very powerful. Apparently Lanning Wang Han's niece. She directly received an R-level medal at a young age. This is 10 years old! 10 years old has surpassed his current strength. I really don't know how it will change in the future, it's so powerful and scary! Besides, that little long lamp is still very cute. I have seen this kind of girl from afar once, and it seems that this kind of girl is a well-educated existence, and she is completely different from other The child is different from normal knowledge. The students chat easily, and they don't understand the nature of this kind of girl. Remember everything.

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    Vuong Han walked up step by step. As soon as his front foot stepped on the stairs, he felt that his ankle was a bit obstructed. While he was screaming in his heart, a ghost threw him directly in front of him. When he came to his side, he immediately raised the two swords in his hand to block his body. A cold breath suddenly flowed into his body. The rat-headed man's body trembled directly. The image slides directly from above the body. ceiling, just like that. In his arms, he tried to stay calm and motionless, and when he looked at his arms again, he saw a rotten and deformed cat-headed skeleton, which was a stray cat. just a few centimeters tall over 30. Its body is pitch black. Its body resembled a rat-headed man, but its tongue had been ripped off. People who have strong winds and waves, when they actually have this kind of thing hit their arms, they are really shocked!

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    "In this war no one is innocent." Vuong Han calmly said: "The world has become like this, everyone is responsible. If you really want to say something after a disaster strikes you, be honest. Stop being hysterical." say that you don't know, that this has nothing to do with you, after all in the eyes of the enemy, you are one, and none of you will survive this disaster.

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    Do not have. Vuong Han smiled and said: "But I feel that this little girl is still very trustworthy and serious, she must have learned from me."

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    Merely observing other people's memories can only give a rough understanding of what happened. After all, many of the records in the sphere of thought light are just a few words, and can only give glimpses of what happened. simple speculation, such as "...don't.. .ah!" This is an abbreviated expression, so that the thinking light ball can record the general process more quickly, rather than the type of camera that records it completely and comprehensively. Thus, only contextual contact, You can know what he wants to express, not killing me or not teasing me, these are all different, the former is scary, the latter is shy. At this time, Vuong Han did not have much interest in slowly walking with Lanning Situ. conversation, the tone is relatively stiff, full of undeniable meaning.

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    Lanning Situ stopped at this point, afraid that Wang Han would not believe him, he continued: "Actually, this problem is very easy to understand, I don't even understand Tu Hai, so how can I understand Tu Hai?" sea, how can I make something that understands the virtual pet cabin better than me when I have no way of understanding the things in the virtual sea? improve the virtual pet cabin, but to understand the basic operating logic of the entire virtual pet cabin on the basis of the existing virtual pet cabin. Only I fully understand the operating logic. After what happened, I will be sure of all this, and I will be confident when others ask about it."

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    Now Vuong Han only has two things in front of him, "First, I still don't know why you want to destroy this Tu Hai, but since you said so, I must do it, you must have your own. Said It also makes sense, or maybe Tu Hai will create another girl after leaving here, then repeat the tragedy. Second, I still don't know why time in Tu Hai passes so slowly, maybe Is it because it hinders me? Body? Acceleration of the flow of time? That is the speed of the flow of matter in the illusory sea increasing? After all, time can also be a thing due to the material origin. created. But we still have no way to completely understand the origin issue.. Some things, so I still have an opinion on this point, and after I understand it clearly, I will start to investigate more.

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    "Ha ha ha ha! Who wouldn't want it! Everyone wants it! But I can't get it!" Thuy Tinh spread her legs, casually looking at the mouse-headed man, "This old woman wants the most, but it's impossible. All the poor people are trapped in this body, unable to move... And My new nails are dyed with a silver powder, don't they look beautiful?

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    Only someone like Lanning Situ knows everything about me, so did this Lanning Situ directly sell me out or is there something wrong with Lanning Situ?! Um... only this is possible, otherwise, with my work style and our lowly way of being people, we definitely won't attract anyone's attention, other people nor scold us, there is absolutely no feeling of existence! Only the human faction likes to slander people, will babble a little about the life habits of other states and counties... And this man named Wang Han is a human state The existence of the county, Same with Lanning Situ. So it is also a human state and district. Lanning Situ often walks by the river, and he will definitely be pulled into the water... So I guess it's nothing. This is Lanning Ning Situ, this idiot, did something wrong! Otherwise, there won't be any problem on my side! If so. ..can I take this opportunity to try to save myself!

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    It is for this reason that the answers he gives are contradictory. On one hand, he appears to be very powerful, on the other hand, he knows nothing. On the one hand, he seems to be the first person in the world, on the other hand he is also full of humility, just like his possible status now, he is actually like that in the human country, the county country, but if As far as Tu Hai is concerned, he exists above everyone else. Vuong Han took advantage of the opportunity and took a bite that was both soft and warm. Put the fish fillet in your mouth, close your eyes and enjoy the aroma of this food escaping into your mouth, then continue. Daier's head was digesting his words, "The method to solve this problem is actually not complicated, I just need to kill Lanning Situ, control his soul, directly summon his memories, then I can judge whether all of this is true or not, but consider Lanning Situ It's Lanning Xiaoxi's father, so I definitely can't do it like this, it's too cruel, Lanning Xiaoxi towards Treat me well.

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    And to be honest, except for a few other relatives who had good relationships with us before, aren't many people the type that cannot suffer together? So this time, if our family members really If something happens, the people who are really by our side will definitely not blame us for this, if we really want to say that they are just because If we are forced to become our relatives, these people do not want to let us. Just this time, we can evaluate whether the people around us are trustworthy or not. Lanning Xiaoxi became even more worried, "So I just came here to check on your situation, and really wish I could convince Wang Han to let you go free this time, it's absolutely impossible, I I don't have that kind of strength either."

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    And this original soul directly turned into a small phantom pill, a emptiness ball, a small black ball, which cannot be touched or touched, can only be seen, this is very wonderful!

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    Moreover, under his careful observation, he finally determined the shape of the thing moving slowly before his eyes, it was a guy whose limbs had been severed, looking like a lizard, it was moving. Use your chin to dig in the ground. at this moment, and it kept wriggling and moving forward with the help of this chin, this guy's entire chin was also flattened by this usage, so much so that half of his face He has completely disappeared, leaving only a pair of eyeballs that still function normally! It's just that the color that fills this eyeball is that orchid flame! The faint sigh before was the sound emitted by this guy crawling on the ground, what an illusion!

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    Vuong Han was a little scared in his heart, but still very calm, moving the head to a relatively safe position. After watching the small head sink into the floating soil, he did not have time to pay attention to it. was careful, but just when Vuong Han felt that the head was incapable of hurting him, the ground floated where the head lay, followed by a rustling shock! !